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Welcome to Agency X

Welcome to Agency X (WAX) is a comic strip commentary on the crazy, complicated lives of those of us who don’t quite fit in. Drawing heavily on her personal experiences working in the creative world, cartoonist Sam Hepburn weaves a quirky story of three friends trying to navigate their careers and lives, and adds a generous helping of satire.

WAX presents lighthearted yet thought-provoking strips about art, friendship, office life, dreams, social awkwardness, millennials, feminism and so much more. Hepburn’s charming characters and subtle wit will reassure you that you’re not alone in your weirdness or anxieties, and that it’s always possible to find the funny side of life.

WAX first appeared online, before being picked up in 2015 by Malaysian newspaper The Star, where it ran six days a week for a year.

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Questionable Quotebook

Questionable Quotebook is your favourite motivational quote book turned upside down. Between its covers, you’ll find a collection of quips and sayings from unlikely sources of wisdom, quirky analogies and advice that doesn’t quite make sense, but still, somehow, seems poignant. With every cartoon, Hepburn's subjects run the gamut from daily life to hopes and dreams, family, the Internet, boredom and everything in between, but always shaking up the status quo of what an inspirational/motivational quote 'should' be.

Questionable Quotebook was picked up for online syndication by GoComics (Universal Uclick) in February, and runs every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

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